Lean Agile Procurement Training

The LAP1 training workshop and its IP content is centred around the work of Mirko Kleiner in Zurich, Switzerland, and the LAP Alliance co-operative based in Europe and developed since 2015.

Mirko’s work focuses on developing the principles of the AGILE business philosophy applied into a procurement context and fused with the strategic procurement process. This work starts with he LAP1 foundation workshop – which runs for two days LIVE, or three afternoons ONLINE. Participants who complete this foundation receive the LAP Alliance (Swiss) Credential 1 certificate of attendance.

This training is retailed successfully by PASA AGILE as the LAP Alliance partner in Australia and New Zealand supporting the entire procurement industry and has been successfully run more than 12 times in ANZ since 2018 both ONLINE and in physical training workshops in Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne as well as privately.

These public training events are scheduled each calendar year in advance and currently run ONLINE given pandemic restrictions. They are set to run live again when travel restrictions allow later in the year. Individual or group places are available on these public courses. Private courses for individual organisations are also available and timing can be flexible.

Over 170 alumni from these LAP1 courses meet-up online every 8 weeks or so in free 90 minute virtual meet-ups arranged on ZOOM by PASA AGILE for follow-up Agile learning, case studies, discussion, and networking. Book for any of the LAP1 workshops, LIVE or ONLINE in 2022 here

The LAP2 training is now finalised for launch in 2022 for graduates of the LAP1 foundation workshop. Unlike the short LAP1 foundation training workshop, the LAP2 credential is a blended learning programme that covers an elapsed period of several weeks. Specific learning activities include group workshops, private coaching, online mentoring, self-study, set assignments and, crucially, applying the LAP approach to your real projects back in the office. This LAP2 programme will only run once during 2022 – commencing in September 2022 and concluding in November 2022 – find out more about LAP2 here

In addition to the LAP1 and LAP2 training options, PASA AGILE also offers other relevant short learning workshops on specific aspects of agile procurement:

The BIG ROOM SIMULATION WORKSHOP runs over just four contact hours (often 9am-1pm) online and works for graduates of the LAP1 programme to work through in detail how an actual BIG ROOM supplier engagement workshop works in practice. The time-lapsed approach walks participants through an actual BIG ROOM simulation step by step. After this workshop, participants often feel more empowered to initiative agile procurement projects in-house themselves. Click here for more detail and for dates.

SCRUM for Procurement is a short training course running ONLINE over four afternoons, or LIVE over two days or more. It works as a stand-alone course for potential SCRUM-Masters working in a procurement context, or can also be the beginning of your Certified SCRUM Master programme for those who wish to go on and complete their approved AGILE SCRUM MASTER Certification. This short course runs over four (4) afternoons ONLINE and offers 17 contact hours. Click here for more detail and for dates for 2022.

Coaching and consulting on Agile Procurement project

The work by Mirko and the LAP Alliance is also directly applied by the PASA AGILE Team to meet client’s specific project needs through training, coaching and consulting work.

Initially, client’s often commission a short briefing or morning seminar on the Agile Procurement approach to educate, inform and explain to their procurement team or their stakeholders. PASA AGILE frequently fulfil such engagements: This can be done in just 40 minutes or over a full four hours, for more informative or participative understanding.

Latterly, the PASA AGILE Team can work remotely or on-site to coach client’s through an Agile Procurement project, or take a more hands-on consulting role if required. Usually, the LAP roadmap executes typical large and complex sourcing projects over just a 13 week period.

Coached personally by the PASA AGILE team, through both daily and weekly stand-ups, your buying group is taken through the agile procurement approach towards a globally or locally sourced solution for your project. A modest coaching fee usually covers the entire engagement and gives your procurement team the confidence and security to try agile procurement in person. Contact directly at any time.


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