The BIG ROOM Simulation Workshop – for LAP1 Alumni only

The LAP1 foundation workshop covers in detail the lead up to the supplier engagement workshop (often nicknamed the “BIG ROOM” workshop) that concludes the agile procurement sourcing approach –

The “BIG ROOM” is a LIVE in-person interactive engagement workshop (now also available ONLINE, but still LIVE) – it is a little like a LIVE version of the tender process, concertinaed into two full days, or several half-days online. With all shortlisted competing vendors in the room, they work in turn to present to the Buyer’s team on various topics or aspects of their bids. Some elements are held in private, many are held in public in front of the other vendors.

This half-day BIG ROOM Simulation workshop, guides participants through an actual mock BIG ROOM in A speeded-up timeframe. Participants get to see each step of the BIG ROOM workshop execution in practice.

After this workshop, participants are often more confident of running their own BIG ROOM workshop, with or without the help of the PASA AGILE coaching & consulting team perhaps.

This BIG ROOM Simulation workshop is scheduled to run several times during 2022 – each for a half-day workshop, usually running 9am-1pm AET and ONLINE: Further programmes can be hosted if requested, both publicly and privately for in-house teams: Contact jonathan  

The cost is only $760 + GST per person for LAP alumni and PASA CONNECT members (no GST charged for NZ based participants).

Click here to book 11th March –  ONLINE 9am – 1pm AEDT

Click here to book 3rd June 2022

9th December 2022