The BIG ROOM Simulation – a half-day LAP Pop-Up Workshop from PASA AGILE

PASA AGILE are delighted to announce a POP-UP workshop specifically on HOW TO PLAN, PREPARE AND RUN A BIG ROOM WORKSHOP on the morning of 23rd July 2021.

Working the BIG ROOM

The core elements of planning a two-day BIG ROOM with up to 5 vendors in the room is covered on the LAP1 course …. yet not the detailed preparation, management & facilitation of those BIG ROOM days; which we have now run ONLINE as well.

After this short POP-UP workshop you will be much better equipped to plan, prepare and execute your own BIG ROOM workshop – as the culmination of your agile procurement project and a genuine alternative to the tender/RFP process we know so well. Within this big room workshop simulation you will have the opportunity to experience the highs and lows, lessons learned and steps to success in running your first big room and will equip you with the confidence and know-how to take your first step.

The BIG ROOM Simulation

Acting in a role as either the buyers team or one of the suppliers you will be presented with a sourcing case and taken through the key steps on our tried and tested online platform that typically take place over two days including

  • How to develop your working agreement up front – and secure early supplier buy-in to the process
  • How to measure organisational suitability and cultural fit – one of the most important aspects of Lean Agile Partnerships
  • How to use the Lean Agile Procurement Canvas as a single proposal  – and increase the competitive tension amongst suppliers
  • How to build a prioritised and priced delivery roadmap in the BIG ROOM – to ensure confidence in delivery
  • How to facilitate active feedback – and drive continuous improvement from suppliers throughout the BIG ROOM
  • How to mobilise your business stakeholders towards a Lean Agile Negotiation – and an AGILE Agreement

By the end of this session you will have increased your confidence to undertake your first Big Room Workshop and be aware of the steps to success in the process:

This session will be led by our highly experienced PASA AGILE Lead Coach, Marcus Ward, using LAP Alliance I.P. and supported by PASA CEO, Jonathan Dutton FCIPS.


The BIG ROOM SIMULATION workshop will run 10th September from 9am until 1pm AET (Sydney time)

The cost is $760 + GST per person for LAP alumni and PASA CONNECT members (no GST is charged for NZ based participants).

Several of our alumni group have requested this learning session on the detailed facilitation and management of a BIG ROOM supplier engagement workshop.