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The role of an Agile coach

Agile coaches help train corporate teams on the agile methodology and oversee the development of agile teams to ensure effective outcomes for the organization. They are responsible for guiding teams through the implementation process and are tasked with encouraging both team members, managers and business leaders to embrace the agile method. The Agile Coach oftens works closely and collaboratively with the project team from start to finish – or from conception to completion of the project.

Using an off-the-shelf Agile coach from PASA AGILE obviates the need to train members of your own team to the high standard of Agile learning, understanding and practice required to run a formal Agile project. They also bring extensive experience from other Agile projects – often facing similar scenarios – and are experts in all aspects of the Agile method with a comprehensive toolkit of Agile techniques and a skillset that enables them to deploy the right approach at the right time.

Agile Procurement coaches are rare. PASA AGILE specialise in the Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) methodology developed by the LAP Alliance and led by Mirko Kleiner at flowdays in Zurich, Switzerland. All the PASA AGILE team are students of the Agile business philosophy and how it applies directly to procurement and supply needs. Fusing Agile with professional procurement is a niche topic and the PASA AGILE team of partners are almost unique in their experience of Agile procurement within this region.

PASA AGILE can provide an Agile coach for your project on either a fixed fee or hourly/daily rate basis.

The role of an Agile Procurement Consultant

An Agile procurement consultant can take a more hands-on approach than an Agile Coach. Either in a supporting role to the Agile Coach, or in a leading role directly for the client. They can also work directly as a SCRUM-Master, Sprint captain or a member of the procurement team, even as a ‘contractor’, for the duration of a project or an assignment within an Agile project. And they can ‘coach’ the Agile Coach on matters procurement where needed. Or they can just be allocated tasks off the project Kanban board.

Often their role is varied. It can encompass activities such as:

  • Communication & education of team members and suppliers
  • Liaison and research with customers and stakeholders
  • Training Lean Agile Procurement to participants and managing rehearsals
  • Project leadership and project management
  • Coaching suppliers
  • Drafting of briefings, reports and key documents
  • Design and delivery of Big Room Workshops

All the PASA AGILE team members have worked on fusing Agile with professional procurement as a niche topic. Each specialist is knowledgable about the ‘other side’ of Agile procurement – that is; Agile coaches familiar with professional procurement, and procurement consultants commensurate with Agile approaches. Together the PASA AGILE team of partners are almost unique in their experience of Agile procurement within this region.

How we can help you …

PASA AGILE will help you find the right approach to secure the outcome you desire. And whether a pure Agile approach is needed, a classic procurement strategy or a fusion of the two?

We can also help you determine the right balance of internal and external support needed for your Agile project. And PASA AGILE can play any of the roles your team needs us to play – either in formally appointed project or team roles, or in more informal and flexible roles as needed.

Our team can also both train and coach your team to a level of proficiency themselves. Skills & knowledge transfer is a core theme of the Agile business philosophy and something that all the PASA AGILE team practice.

Working ONLINE …

During late 2020 and early 2021, the PASA AGILE Team facilitated a major nine-figure sourcing project, using the LAP agile approach, for a major utility provider headquartered in Adelaide.

Working ONLINE using ZOOM and MURAL, and in just 13 short weeks, beginning with just an EoI but 34 possible vendors, just six major global vendors were sourced to offer their product throughout Australia. This included running an online BIG ROOM supplier engagement workshop for 60 people from seven countries over five afternoons – offering several rounds of improved bids. Two were selected for immediate field trials in 2021.

Ask to see the CASE STUDY now, and see how you could facilitate a similar approach in your business?

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For any enquiries, or a private discussion about Agile Procurement, or your agile needs, please contact PASA CEO, Jonathan Dutton at any time:

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