About us

About Us

PASA has formed a strong reputation throughout the procurement profession for compelling events, professionally executed, with relevant content since 1999.

PASA has a wide reach into the procurement industry throughout Australia and New Zealand and has a large network of relevant associates, speakers, presenters, facilitators and trainers.

In addition, the PASA CONNECT membership network offers over 65 organisations up to 100 online industry Roundtables and private webinars each year offering real-time peer-to-peer learning on every topic relevant to a modern corporate procurement team.

What is the LAP Alliance?

Around 2015, a handful of professional Agile coaches, usually working within the IT industry, and on this occasion working on a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) project in Europe, noticed just how process heavy and ripe for disruption Procurement looked.

Their newly formed Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) alliance of like-minded agile coaches was founded to bring the values & principles of Agile to the supply side and is led by Mirko Kleiner at ‘flowdays’ – a consultancy firm based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Mirko Kleiner was instrumental in developing the concepts and methodology and IP of Agile Procurement and subsequently developing the LAP1 training course, successfully delivered several times by Mirko himself both worldwide and here in Australia and New Zealand through PASA – the approved local partner for the procurement industry in ANZ.


‘PASA AGILE’ is a more recent initiative since early 2019 as a new offering in training, coaching, facilitating and consulting for Agile Procurement projects.

PASA AGILE includes various expert contributors who work closely together as partners in an ‘AGILE Procurement team’ for our private clients for in-house training but also hands-on coaching of the LAP approach on actual real-life procurement projects executed in an agile way.

Our coaches work on-site or remotely to coach your buying team through the agile procurement approach; often through daily or weekly ‘stand-up’ meetings and coaching interventions and workshops, including the BIG ROOM supplier engagement workshops with real-life suppliers and vendors.

PASA AGILE is our core brand and contracting entity for all Agile Procurement projects and the team includes:

  • Marcus Ward is a deeply experienced Agile Business Coach, working for his own company, Twenty2Life – based in Perth WA – but the LEAD agile coach in ANZ for PASA
  • Mirko Kleiner is a founder of Agile Procurement and developed the core Lean Agile Procurement methodology, training material and the Agile Procurement I.P. – – he is the mentor of the PASA team and works for his own firm, flowdays, based in Zurich, Switzerland. He often presents and facilitates PASA programmes and the PASA AGILE Team refer to Mirko for guidance on real-life projects, coaching and training questions.
  • Jonathan Dutton FCIPS is the CEO at PASA but also works directly on the PASA AGILE project, frequently supporting training programmes, coaching programmes, and consulting on real-life agile procurement projects. He has a 30 year business career including senior positions in procurement, procurement consulting and training and is the former founding CEO of CIPS in this region for nine years 2004-23.

This team, plus others occasionally, all work on Agile projects under the leadership of PASA AGILE. For each project, PASA select the best team available to best meet the Client need at that time. Moreover, the expertise of the entire team is often available to individual clients at any time.

Our People

Mirko Kleiner
Founder – Lean Agile Procurement

Marcus Ward
Agile Business Coach & Trainer

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS
Procurement Consultant & Trainer