What is Agile Procurement?

Agile Procurement is a mindset, not a process. It is a new way to maximise responsiveness to your organisation’s true needs, how they frequently change, and to react to those changes in real time with a customer centric approach.

Agile procurement is not so much about speed, as many people often think. Nor is it a shortcut, as many people assume - cutting red tape, compliance, process and due diligence to save time.

Simply, it fuses the principles of Agile with the procurement process. It brings the key players together. It defines needs much more closely through collaboration. It concentrates effort and then iterates solutions cross-functionally. It is genuinely customer focused. It tries-and-buys vendors. It works transparently. It decides openly and quickly. And, critically, it captures early business benefits for doing so.




The PASA AGILE group of experts are available to work as a blended team to meet your Agile Procurement needs – whether it be Training, Consulting or Coaching.

Each of our team are expert in one or more facets of Agile Procurement and are all expert in the Lean Agile Procurement (LAP) Alliance developed framework for Agile Procurement

Using this IP, PASA AGILE will help you find the right approach to secure the outcome you desire. And whether a pure Agile approach is needed, a classic procurement strategy or a fusion of the two.
We can also help you determine the right balance of internal and external support needed for your Agile project. And PASA AGILE can play any of the roles your team needs us to play – either in formally appointed project or team roles, or in more informal and flexible roles as needed.
Our team can also both train and coach your team to a level of proficiency themselves. Skills & knowledge transfer is a core theme of the Agile business philosophy and something that all the PASA AGILE team practice.